Candle Fragrance Menu

Our list of fragrances that our Coconut Soy candles are made with. All of our fragrances have been tested for quality and to ensure you get an amazing, strong smelling candle. Different fragrances are available for custom orders, please contact us for more information.

Amalfi Coast – This bold blend of wild freesia, fresh cut lime and ambered sandalwood has the same aroma as travelling the coastline of Amalfi.


Bergamot & Vetiver – Enjoy the warm aromas of patchouli filling the air with a citrus twist of bergamot & tangelo. Finished with bottom notes of white gardenia and vetiver.

Caramel Latte - True to its name, smells just like a freshly made coffee from your local.


Champagne & Strawberries – Sit down and indulge in this aroma of strawberries, raspberries and roses with notes of champagne.


Coconut & Lemongrass - Combining fruity top notes of lemongrass, pineapple and lime, leading to a smooth finish of coconut and vanilla bean.


French Vanilla – The perfect, sweet and buttery French vanilla.


Japanese Honeysuckle - A beautiful combination of this sweet flowering vine and jasmine, followed by bottom notes of citrus and vanilla.


Lime & Passionfruit – Relax and enjoy this fruity cocktail of passionfruit, lime, paw paw, pink grapefruit, peach and mango.


Lychee Peony - A fruity-floral combination of fresh lychees and raspberries with the exquisite softness of peony petals.


Magnolia & Myrrh - A warm and sensuous blend of myrrh and musk complimented by floral notes of magnolia and jasmine. 


Pink Marshmallows - This is a sweet, feminine fragrance composed with notes of musk and vanilla.


White musk & Patchouli - A beautiful eruption of tiger lily, jasmine and rose overlaid with white musk, patchouli and hints of amber.


Watermelon lemonade – Reminiscing them long hot summer days with this refreshing blend of watermelon, lemon and raspberries.